Upcycled Old Door to Coffee Bar – Tutorial

For years I have wanted a mustard yellow door.  To me nothing says, “Welcome” more than a bright, cheery, mustard yellow door.  Unfortunately, for the present, the exterior color of my house does not allow me to add this pop of color, so I decided if I couldn’t have one outside, I would have a yellow door inside.

I added a little bistro flair to my home coffee bar by incorporating this old door as a back drop.

Click on the tabs below to follow my tutorial on how to paint the door and the glass.

Old Door Upcycle

I found this treasure from a friend who had a few old doors stored in a shed. I fell in love with it at first site.

There was years of dirt and dust on this piece, so before I started painting it was important to clean the door thoroughly.

Next I took a wax block and rubbed it on the edges and a few places where I wanted the worn under paint to show through. Next I taped around the old hardware and inner glass pane so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting yellow paint on them. Then on to painting.


Yellow Chalk Paint

I used the MAIZE color chalk paint from Wavery for this project. I love the color and for under $6 a bottle you can’t go wrong. I brushed 2 coats of the yellow chalk paint on the door and didn’t even use the entire bottle.

Once the paint dried, I took a sanding block and sanded off the paint where I had originally waxed. You can use your sanding block to sand off more areas if you want a more distressed look.

To protect your paint finish you can apply a wax sealer or a polyurethane coat over the yellow paint.

Click on the next tab to view the tutorial on how to paint the logo on the glass



Since I was going to be using this door inside my house, I knew I wanted to paint some kind of logo on the glass to make it look like a door to a cafe. I created a mock cafe logo using my daughter’s name (she is pretty thrilled she has an imaginary coffee shop). I printed off the logo,  taped the template in place, and using a sheet of carbon paper under the paper template, traced over the logo with a pen.

This is my favorite carbon paper (yes, I have a favorite carbon paper…lol)

Once I finished tracing the logo I removed the paper template.





Next, I used the Multi-Surface White paint by Apple Barrel. I added a little water to my paint so it would go on a little smoother. Make sure you don’t get your paint too watery so that it doesn’t start running down the glass. The next step is just to fill in the traced lettering. When painting, I try to cover all the carbon outlines, but I was able to wipe off any visible lines that didn’t get covered once the paint was dry. Complete the entire logo and let dry.






Once my door was completely dry, I placed a small table in front of the door and set up my own coffee bar. I love brewing my coffee at my own mustard yellow door “cafe”  every morning.

I would love to hear what projects you’ve done to up-cycle an old door.


Yellow Door DIY