Hot Cocoa Tray Tutorial with FREE Template


I am slightly addicted to trays. They can double as decor pieces and serve a functional purpose as well. In my opinion, everyone can use a tray somewhere in their house, and therefore they make awesome gifts. However, if you’re going to make one as a gift you better make two because you’re going to want to keep one for yourself…You have been warned!

I love this tray because it is SO EASY to make! You do not need a bunch of tools (just a screw driver and a paint brush) and you can make your very own.




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Start by painting your round wooden piece… I chose to paint mine white. While it’s drying, print out your Hot Cocoa Template. Since the tray is 15″x15″, the template will be larger than one piece of paper and may require you to print it in sections and piece it together with tape. You can also send the file to an online print shop, like Staples, Snapfish, etc. and they can print it for you.


Once the paint is dry, lay your template over the tray and tape the top down so it doesn’t move. Slide a piece of carbon paper under the template and trace the words onto your tray.



Now, simply paint in the letters and let dry.


Once the tray is dry, it is time to add the handles. Using the red line as a guide, line up your handles so they are the same on each side, and screw into place.


TA-DA! You did it! You are now the owner of a super awesome tray…unless you plan on giving it as a gift, in which case I hope you made 2! 🙂  If you want to protect your tray from scratches you can always add a polyurethane finish.

hotcocoatray1withlogo I hope you like this tray as much as I do!  I would love hearing how you made yours and how you plan on using it! You can check out a few of the other awesome trays available in our shop! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!