5 Secrets for Decorating Like a Pro…Fall Tips

It’s almost here…Fall that is! It’s soon time to pull out those sweaters, lace up those boots and pour yourself a steaming Pumpkin Spice Latte. As the weather transitions from summer to fall, it’s also time to think about decorating for the Autumn season. Autumn1

The only thing that I don’t like about Autumn is that it means winter is next. But, aside from that, I love it! So, since my house is in transition mode….I wanted to share with you my 5 secrets for decorating for Fall. This large Autumn sign can be purchased in our shop!

SecretsHowToDecorate#1. THEME

If you only remember one thing from this post, remember this. THEME. Before you dust off those boxes filled with decorations or head out shopping for “just the right piece” choose a theme. A theme will give you plenty of space for creativity while still giving you a boundary to keep you on track and keep your decor cohesive. Just because it says “FALL” does not mean it goes with your autumn theme. A theme can be as simple as a color, or as complex as a specific brand of items. I usually choose a theme that encompasses a genre, like Rustic, Country French, Vintage,  Modern or Industrial and build off of this. Whatever you do stick with your theme. This rule will help you tie everything together and allow you the freedom to say yes to some things and, “maybe next time” to others.  (Fall Tip): In the photo below, I chose a Rustic/Country French theme for the mantle. Crates and old bottles helped pull my theme together 









Color can fall into the “theme” realm as well, but since colors span across the great genre divide, I am also conscious of colors when it comes to pulling my theme together. Try to choose 1-2  main colors and 1-3 accent colors and work within these boundaries. If you choose 1 accent color, different hues of the color are a great way to add variety without making it look too busy.   (Fall tip): I chose a lot of natural colors White, Cream, Brown and Black and accented with turquoise. The old turquoise glass bottles added a soft “pop” of color. Gold would also be a great accent color to add for Fall. 



When setting up a shelf, display, mantle, table, or just about anything, think about the textures you are using. For example: if you are decorating using Industrial as your theme, with black, tan, white, silver and blue as your colors, try incorporating different textures into your design such as, metal numbers or letters, old brick, a globe, black Engineering prints, and rough-cut wood frames. Texture helps add depth and interest to your design.  (Fall Tip):  Autumn has so many wonderful textures. On the mantle I used, wood (sign), glass (bottles), paper (books), grasses (wheat) and of course pumpkins and gourds. 



Clusters of odd numbered items are sure to make you look like a pro. Instead of placing 2 matching candle sticks together, try 3 or 5 candlesticks of varying height and style. Clustered items do not have to be exactly the same or even similar, they just need to be in the same theme. (Fall Tip): Think about stacking your gourds/pumpkins in groups of odd numbers, add books to gain height. 





This is one of my favorite rules, as it often gives me a good starting point when choosing my design. Choose a statement piece that your design can hinge off of or compliment. For me, I like my statement piece to be something large. For example a large sign, (like in the picture) big wooden corbels, a huge mirror, a big plant, large crates, etc.  Again, stick with your theme but find something that will catch the eye and be the center of your design.  (Fall tip): I used a large Autumn sign as my statement piece. Tree branches, large gourds, or corn stalks make great focal points as well. 

However you design, make it yours and love it! I hope these tips and tricks help you in your decorating adventures. You’ll find me in line for a pumpkin spice latte soon! Happy Fall Everyone!SecretsHowToDecorate